2nd Annual Korean Literature English Essay Contest

KTLIT LogoThis is an awesome opportunity for fans of Korean literature to read great stories and win excellent prizes (Full Disclosure: I won one of these awards last year and received a killer iPod as a result). The authors are great, I’ve previously met Kim In-suk at The Seoul Book Fair (scroll down) and reviewed her really great book, The Long Road.

The other authors are unknown to me, but as soon as this gets posted, I will be sure to download their stories and check to see if anything else of theirs has been translated into English.

Here is the info (from Korea.net)

Foreign residents living in Korea can share their impressions on Korean literature in the upcoming Second Annual Korean Literature English Essay Contest.

This year’s contest, organized by Literature Translation Institute Korea (LTI Korea), invites participants to submit an English essay written about one of three selected texts – Sea and Butterfly by Kim In-suk, Discovery of Solitude by Eun Hee-kyung, and To Believe in Love by Kwon Yeo-seon. PDF files of the texts as well as the contest application form are available for download at LTI Korea’s English website. Submissions will be accepted from August 16 to September 16, and contest winners will be announced on October 2.

The Second Annual Korean Literature English Essay Contest, hosted by Literature Translation Institute Korea, invites participants to submit English essays written about English translations of selected texts from Korean literature. This year’s contest features translations of works by (from left) Eun Hee-kyung, Kwon Yeo-seon, and Kim In-suk (photos courtesy of LTI Korea).

A Grand Prize winner and three recipients of the Award of Excellence will be presented with certificates and prizes at an awards ceremony on Hangeul Day, October 9, at the Digital Library of the National Library of Korea. Culture Minister Choe Kwang-sik is expected to attend the ceremony and deliver a congratulatory speech, together with Woo Jin-yung, director of the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), a sponsoring organization for this year’s contest.

In addition, one of the authors of the three texts featured in the contest will be invited to give a reading and hold a Q&A session about her work.

“I hope this English essay contest offers a good opportunity to share English translations of exceptional Korean literature with a great number of foreign residents in Korea,” said LTI Korea President Kim Seong-kon.

So.. read the works, and if they move you?  Write an essay!



6 thoughts on “2nd Annual Korean Literature English Essay Contest

  1. I wonder why this contest is limited to foreigners who are in Korea, especially with the primary goal being increased awareness of Korean literature internationally.
    Fortunately I’ll be in Korea (for the first time!) starting August 23 so I can just barely sneak in as a foreigner living in Korea.
    Thanks for letting us know about this 🙂

  2. LIsa,

    Two reasons, I think.

    1) LTI Korea is sensibly focusing on expats in Korea, having realized that they represent and in-country resource that will likely eventually move out to the world, and thus could become evangelists of a sort. This group has been overlooked in the past, and I think the new focus on them is smart, because they are easy to find (and there is a growing number of us).

    2) LTI Korea wants the winners to be able to attend the ceremony, which seems much bigger and grander than last year’s was.

    I’m glad you’ll be in town and able to compete…^^

  3. Alas.. I don’t think they are.. this is one area where LTI fell a bit flat last year, not playing up the results quite as much as they might have..

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