3rd “Bigtime Korean Literature Podcast!” – Jo Kyung-Ran and the London Book Fair

Me and Jo Kyung Ran

Me, Jo Kyung Ran, and two autographed books!

Here we are again! You’ll notice we continue to tweak the set so as to finally make it perfect for Stephane at Seoul Village!

Because Jo Kyung Ran spoke at the 10 Magazine Book Club, we made her our first topic and discussed her 4 books in English:

Looking For the Elephant (Available in Words Without Borders)
I Live in Beongchon-dong
Balloon (from the site of the infinitely useful hompi of Brother Anthony)

Then we talk about Korea’s ongoing triumph (we hope) at the ongoing London Book Fair.

Here’s the video (with key times listed below)

• At 1:50 we discuss Jo Kyung Ran at the Book Club
• At 3:40 we discuss Tongue
• At 7:14 we discuss Waiting for the Elephant
• At 9:35 we discuss I live in Bongcheon-dong
• At 11:25 we discuss  Bought a Balloon
• at 13:45 At we discuss the London Book Fair and Korea as its “market focus”
• Finally, at  19:35 we discuss our recommendations, which in this case happen to be movies made from Korean books, Deep Blue Night by Choe In-ho and The Road to Sampo by Hwang Sok-yong, the former begin quite interesting as it radically, almost completely, departs from then novel from which it is supposedly drawn.
• At 23:31, the nightmare ends.^^

Enjoy, and feel free to comment

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