A Bit More Kim Young-ha

An interesting interview with Kim Young-ha, who will be appearing at the Capital M Literary Festival on Sunday, Feb 27. RMB 65, RMB 10 (students). 5pm. LOL – if you happen to be in Beijing!

Kim says an interesting thing about translating

Q. Have you read your work in English? How do you feel it translates?

A. Nope. I haven’t read translated works of mine. I just trust my editor and translator and let them work. Whenever I see the books that are translated into languages that I can’t read like German, French or Turkish, I feel like I’m meeting a boy who insists that he is my biological son from an ex-girlfriend. They say it is my book, but I am not 100% sure it is mine.

The whole interview is interesting (it does not touch on Kim’s recent withdrawal from the web) and worth checking out.