A Somewhat Vague Review of Ko Un at Smith University

Vague but also kind of cute, from la mouette rose:

Ko Un

Korean literature and poetry is something that is known only exclusively. At Smith College, today, Ko Un, the reknown Korean poet, came to visit and read some of his beautifully written work. It was amazing. He was so knowledgeable. He went fishing in Jeju Island with one of the Korean literature professors at Harvard. He was a monk. Amazing man. I wish I could borrow his mind for a little bit and test it out one day. He was so expressive; waving his arms to and fro to capture the winds movement, his voice would rise to a higher pitch then rumble down low. I was dumbfounded and bashful when I went up to him for his signature.

The picture of Ko Un from that page is great – Ko looks like what you would expect a poet to look like.