All the Korean Literature that is Free Online: NEW ADDITIONS by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

More exciting additions from our write Jennifer has also explored some poetry^^. KTLIT seems to have temporarily lost links to some of Kim Young-ha’s work, but Jennifer gives us a new one! All of these addidtions come from Words Without Borders, except for “Castella.” Being bolder than I, Jennifer has also


Han Kang: The Vegetarian (excerpt)
Han Yujoo: Lament
Kim Ae-Ran: Ascending Scales
Kim Young-ha: The Suit
 Park Min-gyu: Say Ah, Pelican
Park Min-gyu Castella (The American Reader)
Shim Bo-Seon: My Wife’s Magic


Jeong Ho-Seung: Earning My Keep
Kim Sa-in: Rice Cakes
Kim Soo-Bok: Mud Flats
Ko Un: Gamak Valley


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