And then Shin Kyung-sook’s (신경숙) Photo Was on the Wikipedia!

After Tuesday’s awesome meeting with Shin Kyung-sook, I finally got around to putting her photo up on the Wikipedia.

Any Korean authors (or reps) who might drop by should feel free to contact me about putting up pages and photos of their authors.^^


Shin Kyung-sook

2 thoughts on “And then Shin Kyung-sook’s (신경숙) Photo Was on the Wikipedia!

  1. I like it.

    Suggested edits:

    I would ad her full birth date (as it is on the Korean Wiki page) of January 12.

    I would add the point that she is married, which has relevance to her work and its perspective.

    Does she have children?

    I see:

    A baby with the inscription: 엄마이름 : 신경숙

    So, is 박종경 her child? Or perhaps there are other children?

    That too would surely have relevance to her work about children and parents.

    Also, is her own mother still alive?

    Your own page on her says that her mother was important, so some mention of her parents would be useful besides their being farmers.

    I would add the ISBN after the books listed (at least those in English) so that readers can look them up.

  2. Charles…

    You have an interesting idea in there (I mean, not to say that’s a surprise!). I haven’t been using the Korean Wiki pages, but I should, partly because their structure is repetitive enough (probably) that it would help me learn to read Korean.

    Most of what is on Shin’s page is what one of her publishers sent me, so I’m sure it needs a revisit.

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