Another Article on Kim Young-ha’s New Book (Short Stories, Hangul Only)

Kim Young-ha 김영하

Kim Young-ha 김영하

The Korea Times has a semi-review of Kim Young-ha’s latest book of short stories, No One Knows What Happened (A nice nod to his excellent previous story, What Ever Happened to the Guy in the Elevator?).

The Times says:

The book consists of 13 short stories revolving around bizarre characters from diverse backgrounds under dark, bleak and heavy themes but in an intriguing style.

The Times, who obviously haven’t followed Kim closely enough also say:

The trend-savvy author who actually uses Twitter to communicate with his readers and share ideas with others, catches a new mode of modern sensitivity in his work.

LOL.. you’ve got to love that “actually,” like it’s some kind of unheard of technology here in Korea.

Anyway, the seem to like it, and that’s the important thing.y