Another Partially English Language Bookstore in Hongdae

UPDATE: This store has apparently gone out of business?

This has at least a couple hundred English books, which are not the easiest to find. The bookstore is very cramped, but if you walk to the rear-right of the store, on the back wall there is a good selection of books in English.

The books are BEHIND moving shelves of Korean books, so you may not see them at first. Just push aside the moving shelves, and all will be reaveale!^^

Go out exit 8 of Hongdae Subway station, head up the hill towards the dongkyo dyeongsamgeori and the bookstore will be on your right, just before you hit the three-way intersection. It’s name is “book” 책:

Hongdae Bookstore with English Books

"책 it out!"

3 thoughts on “Another Partially English Language Bookstore in Hongdae

  1. It is so interesting that English-language bookstores are so rare.

    One can find them many places in China, in contrast.

    Does this “isolation” have a common correlate with why English language translations are so uncommon?

    I would have thought with US involvement with ROK being so important, indeed, the ROK only exists due to US military activity during 195-1953, that English language books would be rather widespread.

  2. It was a poorly chosen title.. there are many bookstores that contain English sections, but they all contain the same picked-over collection of ‘classics,’ ‘best-sellers,’ and instructional materials.

    The bookstores I’ve been highlighting here (follow the “bookstores” keyword, I hope), are ones with a wide selection of used books. These selections are idiosyncratic, but much wider than those in the chain stores…

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