Arirang Video: Shin Kyung-Sook’s Success (“Fighting!”^^)

KTLIT LogoA quick 8-minute film from Arirang. It doesn’t show up in the subtitles of Koreans speaking but listen for the guy who can’t help but add “Fighting!” to the end of his comment.^^ Amusingly, Arirang also calls the book “Please Look After Mum,” which I’m guessing is a gloss on the US title, “Please Look After Mom.” In the UK the book was called “Please Look After Mother,” although that sold about three copies in comparison to its US counterpart (Currently 2,895,214 to 945,112 in terms of Amazon popularity of the paperback version).

This includes a brief interview with Shin, herself.

One thought on “Arirang Video: Shin Kyung-Sook’s Success (“Fighting!”^^)

  1. IT tells me that Shin Kyung-Sook should have her own website.

    Increasingly writers do.

    Is it not ironic that ROK — a land that loves the internet far more than most — does not encourage ger to have a website?

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