At The Seoul Book Fair

I made it to the Seoul International Bookfest, or whatever it was called, and had a splendid time. Met some interesting people and may have hooked up some additional support for the KTLIT Wikipedia Project. Got in early and right in the door saw the Korea Foundation exhibit.

It was nicely laid out, but the staff actively avoided me.

At an international book festival? You might want to interact with the internationals.

Asleep at the Wheel

As i wandered around I was pleased to see something I understood, a publisher who has worked with Kim Young-ha (the “Great Korean Hope” as I call him)…

Kim Young-ha up in there

France was the cohost.. and had a properly existentialist black-themed exhibit. I will forgo all Maginot Line jokes.

A Maginot Line in the Sand

KLTI had a great exhibit, including some staff who were a bit timid and some staff who completely rocked. I had a long discussion and have some solid hope that the Wikipedia Project will come to include KLTI, or at least dovetail with their efforts.

KLTI has some wicked-skilled employees…

Here Some Hope Lies...

Some parts were just fun (and colorful). You could make paper.

Paper Trail

Or look at paper/cover art..

Paper Veils

There were also (LOL) areas to which I would not go. ^^

Highway to Hell

All in all, it seemed a better convention/event than last year’s version, so props to the organizers for doing that in an uncertain economy…

9 thoughts on “At The Seoul Book Fair

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  2. I preferred last year’s event as there were a lot more countries! Where were all my Spanish books to peruse through?

  3. Gon…

    I did sneak over for two and half hours, but did not do the whole film project I had in mind. Instead spent some time with the KLTI people…

  4. I went into the children’s section. There was a large booth with English-language titles and the prices were wonderfully, insanely low!

    Did you notice all the Christian publishers that showed up to the event?

    I had fun watching that girl binding a book with needle and thread. I could’ve watched her all day.

  5. Bybee,

    LOL.. I did notice that and took a picture of it, but deemed it not quite right for here.

    I was even more amused to see that the Urantia booth and the “Autumn of the Universe” booth (both of which “religions” were also there last year) were exiled from the religion row, instead placed randomly in rows in which they did not fit….

  6. LOL…

    Steve is a link-spammer, but he actually seems to have read at least the title of my post…

    Props to his.. uh.. whatever he is selling..

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