Awesome Hints @ Shin Kyung-sook’s next novel “I’ll Be Right There”

Shin Kyung-sook

First, an article in the New York Times about Shin in general, which mentions the next novel:

“I Will Be Right There,” about friendship and love set in the country’s political turmoil of the 1980s

But an even better preview of the novel (which is due to be published next spring) can be found on Facebook in the Fans of Korean Literature Miłośnicy literatury koreańskiej  page. Here, advocate of translated Korean literature and translator extraordinaire, Marzena Stefanska dropped news of an upcoming translation of I Will Be Right There. Here, she responded to this news (which is cool enough):

The Chinese edition of I’LL BE RIGHT THERE by Shin Kyung-Sook was awarded The Most Beautiful Foreign Novel in 21st Century Award for 2011. This edition was published by PEOPLE’S LITERATURE PUBLISHING HOUSE.

By noting that she (Marzena) had finished the Polish translation of the same work, to be published in November and that in her opinion:

This is really beautiful novel. This is going to be a big success. Bigger than Please Look After Mum. Beautiful!

Which would be something like PSY coming out with a bigger hit than Oppan Gangnam Style for his next release.^^

Still, I hope it is true, because a repeat success in English is just what Korean translated literature needs