Awesome snapshot of some old books as LTI prepares for the Seoul Book Fair

DATELINE^^: Mugungwha, somewhere outside of Danyang, rolling on to Gangneung!

LTI Korea is getting ready for the upcoming Seoul Book Fair (19 – 23 June 2013, HallA&B, COEX, 159 Samseong-dong, Seoul 135-731, Korea -), the halls of which KTLIT will certainly be haunting. While I was over at LTI having lunch and discussing the Wikipedia Project, we wandered through the library and saw this awesome collection of translated Korean literature, some of which predated 1900 (and I should proudly note I own three of them already).  This is going to be an exhibit at the LTI Korea booth, so be sure to drop by.

It just makes me want to buy more books!