Bilingual video interviews with Korean authors: Kim Young ha, Hwang Sun-mi, Jo Kyung-Ran, Lee Ki-ho, and more!

Vidiot BannerJust a reminder the KTLit has moved part of its focus on Korean literature and Korean authors into the video realm and has begun (with the aid of the 10 Magazine Book club and SeoulABC) to video interviews with Korean authors. Since these are in English and Korean, anyone can listen!


Author Kim Young-ha (“I Have the Right to Destroy Myself?, “Your Republic is Calling”, The Photo Shop Murder”, and more) Informs and Entertains at 10 Magazine Book Club as he is interviewed by Krys Lee (“Drifting House”)

Video bilingual interview of Jo Kyung Ran (“Tongue” and “I Live in Bongcheon-dong”) by Krys Lee (“Drifting House”)

Hwang Sun-mi at the 10 Magazine Book Club discussing the international best-seller “The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly”

Also… a bit of video of Lee Ki-Ho (“At Least We Can Apologize”) from SLS, with a link to the complete audio interview.

Also.. if you are interested in Korean literature (on video) in general, you can explore the ktliterature channel on youtube, here.