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Two posts I see by a new to me, blogger named “eastern writer”..

1) “The Character of Korean Literature” (from
2) “Private Life of a Nation by Lee Eung-joon” (from koreatimes)

The blogger links them, does not write them

First one ok, second one “nice-uh!”

“The Character of Korean Literature”

I dunno.. it seems to try to cover too much thought and history in too few thoughts and words.

Perhaps another way to think about it is as a Sijo….

Still, it attempts to include influences of religions, countries, and different alphabets, so it is at least worth a look.

I guess once I get past the fact that Shamanism is glossed over in this passage:

Korea’s classical literature developed against the backdrop of traditional folk beliefs of the Korean people; it was also influenced by Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. Among these, Buddhist influence held the greatest sway, followed by enormous influences from Confucianism – especially Song Confucianism – during the Choson period.

I actually like it?

I’m a fickle bitch

Private Life of a Nation by Lee Eung-joon

A nice review of a book I will have to chase down and read.