Changbi Publishers Have a Really Great Korean Literature Website

NOTE: All the links on this site have gone to hell as Changbi changed all its author URL’s without the slightest thought of including redirects – unbelievably poor web-work!

Changbi Publishers have a really great English site overall (although its dependence on Flash is a “grrrrrrrr” inducing nightmare that, for instance, stops you from opening links in new tabs or windows. Really, Korean webmasters.. why???) and one of the totally cool things about it is that it has a page that links to a variety of really cool articles, stories and essays. I’m not linking that page, because I have the articles linked below.

Changbi also gives the Manhae Prize for Literature (although it does not seem to have been given recently?) as well as several other prizes.

Neatly, they also have a page of all their translations (into many languages, on of the the least of which seems to be English, but still some really good stuff!).

In any case .. it’s totally worth looking into and the links to its essays/stories/transcripts are below (How Cool! Ha Seongnan’s “The Stain” available online!




Korea and East Asia Amidst Global Economic Crisis: Bruce Cumings and Paik Nak-chung [Bruce Cumings and Paik Nak-chung]
Commercial Appetite and Human Need: The Accidental and Fated Revival of Kobayashi Takiji’s Cannery Ship [Norma Field]
A Singular Modernity, Plural Postmodernisms, and a Double Project [Paik Nak-chung]
Toward a New Encounter [Paik Nak-chung]
Twenty Years After June 1987: Where Are We Now, and Where Do We Go from Here? [Paik Nak-chung]
Special News, Dateline Korea: Unification Korean-Style in Progress [Paik Nak-chung]
How Close to Catastrophe? [Bill McKibben]
The Future of Korea: An Asia-Pacific Perspective [Mark Selden]
Repatriation and the Politics of Humanitarianism in the Cold War and Beyond [Tessa Morris-Suzuki]
Relationship between North and South Korea after the June 15 Joint Declaration and the Development Plan for the Korean Peninsula [Suh Dong-man]
Environmental Movement Needs Urgent
Reform to Overcome Crisis
[Lee Pil-Ryul]
The Search for Reconciliation and Peace
on the Korean Peninsula
[Paik Nak-chung]
No Longer the “Lone” Superpower:
Coming to Terms with China
[Chalmers Johnson]
How to Think About the
Park Chung Hee Era
[Paik Nak-chung]
East Asia and North East Asia
in Contemporary South Korean Discourse
[Paik Nak-chung]
Locating the Revolutionary Subject:
Hwang Suk-Young’s The Shadow of Arms
[Theodore Hughes]
Three Mirrors for Korea’s Future [Meredith Woo-Cumings]
A Scandinavian View of Ko Un’s Poerty [Jesper R. Matsumoto Mulbjerg]
Remarks on the World of Ko Un’s Poetry [Paik Nak-chung]
Ko Un’s Place in Modern Korean Poetry [Choi Won-shik]
The prospects for negotiation with
N. Korea and gas pipeline
[Selig S. Harrison]
Fiction and Film in Popular Culture [Han Ki-wook]
What the World Cup Has Left Us [Tripartite Talk: Choi Won-shik, Kim Hong-jun and
Kim Jong-yup]
E-mail Interview: Question to Wallerstein [Interviewer: Han Ki-wook
(Editorial Board of The Quarterly Changbi)]
September 11 and the
American Conscience
[George Katsiaficas]
The Logic of Historical Understanding
of Korean Culture
[Lim Hyoung-taek]
The Stain (Fiction) [Ha Seongnan]
Byeol Moyang-ui Eolluk
Non-Western Colonial Experience and
the Specter of Pan-Asianism
[Choi Won-shik]
Doing a Literary Journal in a
Divided Country
[Kim Yeong-hui]
The 2000 Inter-asia Cultural Studies
conference: Transitional Era, Transformative Work
Fukuoka, December 1, 2000
Inter-asia Cultural Studies, Vol. 2, No. 3,
December, 2001
Literature in the Age of Reunification [Paik Nak-chung]
Paper for the Forum on ‘Modern Korean Literature in the Age of Reunification’
Stockholm University, 11-12 September 2000
Coloniality in Korea and a South
Korean project for overcoming modernity
[Paik Nak-chung]
Interventions Vol. 2(1) ⓒ Taylor & Francis Ltd 2000.
Trials and Historical Choices of
the Twenty-first Century
Interview of Immanuel Wallerstein with Paik Nak-chung
for The Quarterly Changbi,
December 5, 1998, at Fernand Braudel
Center, Binghamton University.
Diary [Perry Anderson]
“Diary” by Perry Anderson. Essay on his stay in South Korea, published in London Review of Books, October 17, 1996.
The Possibility and Significance of
a Korean Ethnic Community
[Paik Nak-chung]
Shortened English Version of a Presentation at the International Conference on ‘Vision for the Korean Race in the 21st Century’
Wonkwang University, Iksan, Korea,
October 11-12, 1996.
The Ecological Imagination in
Overcoming the Division System
[Paik Nak-chung]
Shortened English version of a presentation in Korean at the FRONT DMZ international Conference, 11 August 1995, Seoul, Korea.