Charles from KTLIT on the Steve Hatherly Show on Monday at 11

Steve HatherlyFor those of you in Korea who don’t have to work bright and early on a Monday morning, please tune in to TBS eFM at 11 am tomorrow. It’s the Steve Hatherly show, and I’ll be on it talking a bit about Korean literature in general, and  certainly about Ko Un, who just became the first Asian to ever win the  America Award  given by the U.S. Contemporary Arts Educational Project.

The previous 17 recipients include Nobel Prize laureate Harold Pinter of England, Austrian Peter Handke and Syrian poet Adonis, so Ko is in some pretty rarefied company.

But mainly?

Listen to ME! ^^

That listening can be done here, if the notoriously weird Korean internet and its cruddy insistence on Active-X and Flash doesn’t do the listening in. ^^

And, in case you don’t know, here’s a picture of Ko Un:

Ko Un

Ko Un

2 thoughts on “Charles from KTLIT on the Steve Hatherly Show on Monday at 11

  1. Good!

    See if you can get a periodic spot, even monthly would be a start.

    There should be enough people who can speak English (or want to) that would be interested in books.

    After all, learners of English often do so through reading books.

    You could recommend simpler books for them.

    And, over time, you could build up stature so as to advance the cause of translating Korean literature into English.

  2. Much food for thought for you here:

    “An integral part of Paju is the new Asian Publication Culture and Information Center, which houses the Hotel Jijihyang, built specifically to encourage and accommodate travelers. Indeed, a visit to Paju by foreign publishers is welcomed by the Korean publishing community. Any publisher visiting Paju should contact Kwang-sung Park, who was executive chairman of Paju Book City Forum 2010 and is director of the Korean Publishers Association, and Yeon-sook Kim, director of the Paju Foundation; both are affable, knowledgeable, and charming. ”

    Have you visited Paju? The Asian Publication Culture and Information Center?

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