Cheon Myun-kwan wins Ko Un Award, I get to present check

Cover of HomecomingOn Wednesday November 2nd, Cheon Myeong–kwan (Homecoming, Modern Family) Family won 10,000,00 won at the Ku Sang annual literature award (With the assistance of Asia Publishers). I was lucky enough to not only be invited (I had created the international judging panel), but to present the check as well. A lot of awards were given, many of them to very young authors, but the only one I can say I know enough about to comment on is Cheon, who is absolutely great, and you should immediately buy his works here:



Me third from the right.. looking tense as Barry.^^” Cheon fourth from left (does the baby count?) looking chill.^^




At the podium


Everyone ponders their position in the Universe, Cheon prepares to make his a cheap car (or thereabouts) better.^^