Clear Your Schedule: ICF Korean Literature Colloquium on June 28th (KTLIT will be there)

KTLIT LogoThis year is 30th anniversary of ICF, which was established to introduce Korean art & culture to the world and promote international exchanges. KTLIT has been invited to participate in the colloquium.

I should be entirely out of my league as Brian Boyd, Brother Anthony, Heinz Insu Fenkl, Young-Jun Lee, Young-Min Kwon, and Kyung-Sook Shin (Please Look After Mom) will be panel members and Bruce Fulton will moderate. Furthermore, Michael Robert will participate as a Keynote Speaker.

The symposium will be at Seoul National University, and I’m checking to see if it is open to the public.

Anyway.. below is a graphic of the schedule..


ICF 2012 Schedule

3 thoughts on “Clear Your Schedule: ICF Korean Literature Colloquium on June 28th (KTLIT will be there)

  1. I was really excited to come across your website a couple of days ago. I’ve been reading ‘ktlit’ for a few years but am not much of a web-surfer.

    Re your very useful ‘where should I start’ – the book that first drew me in was ‘Trees on a Slope’ – I still remember it as one of the most powerful reading experiences I’ve had in any language. Sad if newcomers missed it on account of it being ‘a bit older’ than the others.

    If you do find out whether the ICF colloquium is open to the public, I look forward to seeing how to apply to join. I’ll just happen to be on a stopover then with Asiana from Hong Kong (where I live) to UK.

  2. the colloquium is apparently open to the public and they will be sending me some invites. If you’re going to be around, keep in touch.

  3. Thanks – yes I’d definitely like to come and that’s when I’ll be in Seoul.

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