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For the second year the KLTI is running an essay contest (which seems to be limited to citizens of the UK?). The story is available over at London Korean Links, and submission details are available on the KLTI site.

My whining is predictable, “why is this only open to citizens of the UK?”Β  I’d like to put my own essay in the pot, but alas, I am from the US.

Also, unusually, this brings me to a rare point of disagreement with Philip Gowman over at LKL. He wrote an online essay questioning last year’s selection of literature, There a Petal Silently Falls. Gowman rooted for more “traditional” Korean literature (that is an oversimplification of his stance .. as he is quite thorough explaining his point) like Three Generations by Yom Sang-seop (1931) or Peace under Heaven by Chae Man-sik. I’ve read Three Generations, which I found interesting but stolid, and extremely long-winded. The latter two elements would militate against interesting essays, I think. πŸ˜‰Β  I have not read Peace under Heaven, but what I have read of Chae Man-sik seems to fit one of Gowman’s complaints about Ch’oe’s work, that it is full of gloom and han.

I found ‘Petal’, to be quite evocative and written in a modern style, and I’m not that fond of explicitly colonial Korean literature (I’ll take Wings over Three Generations any day, in that arena).

I guess I’m just a sucker for the more “modern” in this kind of contest.

LOL.. but I’ll still be cruising LKL every day to see what’s up.

4 thoughts on “Essay Contest on Korean Lit, from London Korean Links

  1. I’m sure there’s be a similar competition in the US and other countries. The small print of the competition seems to suggest that the UK winner goes head-to-head with other national winners to win the trip to Seoul. If I get any information about other countries, I’ll let you know.

    I’ll have to search out Wings.

    I really struggled to find anything to say about Petal. Having read it three times in order to try to get anything out of it, I thought I ought to force myself to write something. Thankfully the essay was 2,000 words max, and each time you mentioned the title that was 5 more words towards the quota…

  2. I’m told that the Korea Institute at Harvard University is running the US competition, so get in touch with them. May the best man (or woman) win!

  3. Thanks Philip…

    I’ll look on Harvard’s site, then call KLTI if I don’t see anything…

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