Excellent Resources on the KLTI Site

I’ve been looking around the Korean Literature Translation Institute website and they’ve quietly created quite a powerful research tool. I’ll look at aspects of this site over the next few days and will begin with what I think would be an excellent classroom resource for teachers outside Korea who are teaching Korean culture, or for listening or culture classes taught to Koreans in Korea.

One part of the site is called Journeys in Korean Lit and it can be found here:

ht tp://www.klti.or.kr/ LetterApp?mode=6005&language;=eng (ALAS, the link has disappeared but this can now be found as a podcast on Itunes)

features 66 movies (with versions in Chinese, English and Spanish) each one of which briefly (all that I looked at were under 10 minutes long) explores a Korean author through his work. The authors include such modern luminaries as Lee Dong-ha (Toy City) and Park Wan-suh (Who Ate Up All the Shinga?) and older works such as The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong.

Unfortunately, the movies are somewhat haphazardly organized, so you’ll have to sort through them to find the authors or subjects you are interested in, but it is quite worth checking out.

The other 3 areas (look for a menu towards the upper left) of the site are equally great:

  • Author Introductions – allows you to search for the name of an author and pull up a brief biography of that authors.
  • Interviews with authors – I think this speaks for itself!
  • Readings of works – Currently 25 authors are represented here
Definitely worth checking out!

2 thoughts on “Excellent Resources on the KLTI Site

  1. How useful is this?! πŸ˜€ This is the best place I know of online to get a background insight in to the lives of Korean writers.
    Thanks ever so much for posting this, and keep up the great work on your blog!

  2. Oli,

    I was pretty psyched to find that. I had been to the site, but never really bothered to look around.

    If I have a bit of time tomorrow, I plan to explore more. Somewhere on there are supposed to be 10 full novels, read in English.

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