Changbi Publishers might not quite understand how website migration works?

Or perhaps Changbi does not care about English language browsers?

My ever vigilant broken-link plugin on WordPress today suddenly spit out a long list of broken links, as you can see a fraction of here:




None of the links I checked were re-directed, rather they were simply changed or eliminated.

Then, going to one of the pages involved, I was unhappy to see this:



Link after broken link and links that had been used as resources (for example for Yoon Dae-nyeong‘s Wikipedia Page – which, if this link rot is discovered, will be tagged at best, and pulled at worst).

It’s as if Changbi doesn’t care about it’s presence on the English-language side of he Internet, which strikes me as an utterly silly approach from company with an English statement of purpose including the paragraph:

Since the 1990s, Changbi has been making great efforts not only to cope with the division of the Korean peninsula, but also to search for alternative ideas in the context of the world capitalist system. Lately, Changbi has enlarged its readership by publishing a variety of quality, critically acclaimed steady-sellers. In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of The Quarterly Changbi in 1996, the company hosted a highly publicized and well-attended party for writers, readers and eminent guests in February, and held an international conference in April entitled “Toward a New Global Civilization”. In 1998, in conjunction with the publication of serial No. 100 of The Quarterly Changbi, the company held a conference entitled “Our Tasks in the IMF Era and the Sea

Yeah.. good job with that “Global Civilization” dream while you are cutting your own web page off from the English speaking world’s history of it. The page can still be found here:, but now of course all links to the old page are dead, and with no hint of the new one.This is just a terrible attempt at keeping your business global.ㅠㅠ

Someone needs to hire a new webmaster^^

As a bonus point, the 404 page on the “English” site mostly in Korean…


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.42.46 AM

One thought on “Changbi Publishers might not quite understand how website migration works?

  1. Unfortunately, linkrot is the sort of thing which it is useless to complain about. It is not a priority for the people who cause the problem, because the negative effects are invisible (absence of traffic or citations) and no one will connect them to the people to blame. Even famous very competent organizations will cause rampant link rot; for example, every year, Google’s Summer of Code website will delete a year or three’s worth of past pages, causing me major problems with my little history page ( ).

    What one needs to do is take action against linkrot by pre-emptively archiving links to one’s hard drive, the Internet Archive, and other places. I discuss this topic and provide source code in

    (If one cannot avoid linkrot in general, one can at least minimize the harm to one’s own projects.)

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