Found on the Web #11

  • A review of “Between Heaven and Earth” by Yun Danyeong on the Gwangju blog (LINK IS GONE). Elton LaClare is a bit offput that this book won the Yi Sang Prize for literature. This is a case of great minds agreeing, as when I reviewed this book here on KTLIT, I found it completely mystifying.If you want to see what we are both fussing about, Brother Anthony of Taize has his translation of  Between Heaven and Earth work available on his very useful website.
  • Hwang Sok-Yong reads in Korean from his novel The Old Garden at Readings From Around the Globe (ALAS, now a dead link) part of the 2009 PEN World Voices Festival. An excerpt is included.
  • A Writer’s Residency in Seoul is emerging as a global hub. Other than use of the horrible “hub” this is a pretty good article on what looks like a pretty great cultural resource. Korean writers have to pay a small fee to use the site and foreign writers can use it for free. Most interesting:

    Among other events, a reading program by authors takes place every last Thursday of the month (Sept. 30 this
    month). At the event, more than 100 citizens have attended to meet authors who introduce their new books and watch performances by artists from other genres to express literature through new mediums.