Found on the Web #12: Singer IU Wants to Study Korean Literature!^^

Korean Singer IU

Korean Singer IU

1) Singer IU wants to study Korean Literature!

She notes that her grades have slid a little bit since her career has taken off:

I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I want to learn more about Korean literature because I’m interested in writing.

Ever since I made my debut, my grades have dropped a lot, except my grades in Korean literature.

LOL, maybe this will be the beginning of something great. She supposedly has a 3 octave range and her latest single is “Real IU,”

2) SHIN KYUNG-SOOK, author of the forthcoming novel Please Look After Mom, writes an affecting reflection on the sinking of the Cheonan, titled At Sea in South Korea.

2) A translation of A Society That Drives You to Drink by Hyon Chin-Gon (and translated by the redoubtable Brother Anthony). It’s a little bit difficult to read, as it has no breaks between paragraphs, but it is one of the classic early stories of Koreans unhappy with society and using it as a reason to drink.

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  4. hi i really love literature too and i love writing story and read and i also write song im so happy cause my dear i u like literature too .

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