Found on the Web #22: Azalea, London Korea Links, Poetry

Found on the Web

Found on the web

Three things of particular interest that don’t quite merit their own posts.

  • First, over at London Korea Links a review of The Orphan Master’s Son and the subheading of the review probably says it all: “best left in the orphanage.” That Philip Gowman has a way with the English language.^^
  • Second, from Subject Object Verb, an announcement of the publication of Azalea Vol. 5. It is particularly notable because it involves a lot of contributions from friends and acquaintances:
    “The issue opens with a special section on Kim Aeran, including two stories translated by Jamie Chang, friend and translator extraordinaire, an interview with the author, and an excerpt from the author’s recent debut novel …. and translations by Brother Anthony, Kevin O’Rourke, Jeon Seung-hee, Peter Lee, John Frankl, and Dafna Zur.

    And of course there is work by Sora Kim-Russell herself.^^
  • Finally a reminder for poetry fans that over at Korean Poetry in Translation Dr. Chae-Pyong (“J.P.”) Song (with varied partners) continues his brilliant string of translated poems.

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  1. Dear Chae-Pyong Song,

    I will be mentioning your site tomorrow, on my TBS eFM radio segment. I’m talking about Kim Hyesoon, and will mention your site as a place to see some of her work translated.

    Glad you dropped by!

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