Found on the Web #23: Finding English reviews of books in Korean; Cha In-pyo; Peter Lee

Found on the Web

Found on the web

Just some things I found that don’t make up an entire post

1) Regular commenter Charles asked, at some point, what books I thought should be translated into English. I noted that my Korean wasn’t good enough to determine that. However, two good places to look are DhHong’s About Korean books blog. Here, Mr. Hong, gives glosses on books that are not yet translated. This is nice, because it gives a bit more idea what’s out there. Also, I should also mention LTI Korea’s LIST Magazine, which has been created precisely to allow English-language publishers to peer behind the veil of hangeul.

2) Korean actor Cha In-pyo  publishes his second novel. (This one is a bit old^^)

3) An interesting piece over at Tofu Skin  (ALAS, now a dead link) in which the poster discusses Peter’ Lee’s A History of Korean Literature in tandem with reading Yi Sang’s Wings. The poster likes Wings and has some questions about Lee that I don’t share.