Found on the Web #31: Krys Lee Story, Literature Database, Nigerian Exchanges

Found on the Web

Found on the web

As usual, three things culled from the web in a series of short hops, skips, and jumps.

• An excellent short story in Guernica, by KTLIT favorite Krys Lee. As usual, it’s a bit dark, but also lyrical and, if you’re in the short attention span theater, it’s also very short. It’s called Girl on a Leash, and it packs quite a punch.

A truly lovely thing done for Japanese literature that someone should do for Korean literature. It describes itself as:

Japanese literature in english is a searchable database that compiles all literary works translated from japanese to english and available in the united states (with some exceptions).  entries are still being added, and suggestions for inclusion are welcome.  please use the contact page.

It is something like what we are trying to do here with the Free(!) Translated Korean Literature Online page,but really nicely organized.

• Finally, an article about a Nigerian attempting to increase literary cultural exchanges, courtesy of The Korea Times,  Nigerian journalist urges literature exchanges.

Enjoy them!