Found on the web #35: Brother Anthony in London; North Korean lit, and; branding Ko-lit

Found on the Web

Found on the web

Various things found whilst hopping skipping and jumping over the Internet.

• First is some news on the very knowledgable Brother Anthony of Taizé (An Sonjae), a translator of international fame.  However, what’s particularly worth noting if you live near London is that ” As part of the Korea Cultural Programme this April Brother Anthony will be a panellist for a conversation between Yi Munyol and Grace Koh (SOAS) in the British Library. The  conversations will be  held at British Library, Terrace Restaurant, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB on Tuesday April 8th and will titled Korean Literature: Past and Present. 

According to the website this will be:

A rare opportunity to learn about the story of Korean literature, from beautiful early printed books, many housed in the British Library, to the vibrant contemporary scene. Present will be one of the finest Korean novelists, Yi Mun-yol, whose translated titles include The Poet and Our Twisted Hero. He talks to Grace Koh and others about writing in a culture which is both time-honoured and hyper-modern.

Brother Anthony will also serve on a panel during the Book Fair is with Krys Lee and Shirley Lee talking about Translation / Writing, This session will be inside the Book Fair venue on the Wednesday.

You can book tickets through the British Library site.” If you do happen to be a reader from the UK, this even and more like it should not be missed, and again, as the site says, “Find out more about the Korea Cultural Programme at this year’s London Book Fair or join the public events on Korean literature in London and other UK cities.

• Second is an article in the JoongAng Daily titled Wonders of North Korean literature (LOL, with that typical Korean embrace of random non-capitalization of some words in article titles). The article is by Tatiana Gabroussenko, who seems to be pushing her point just a little by claiming:

But in reality, few subjects in Korean studies are as entertaining as mine.

Some time ago, for example, I came across a fascinating love story called “Enchantment,” the plot of which was redolent of “Anna Karenina

Heh, that’s a bit of a brave comparison.^^

•  Finally a quick pieced from the long defunct impossible transfer blogspot, titled On Branding Korean Fiction, which seems to argue against branding Korean fiction, particularly by genre. This is an argument with which I at least 70% disagree (primarily in cases like The Buckwheat Season, or and Pundhan Munhak, in which genre-fication is impossible), but worth considering. Also, as a question to readers “I think “Impossible Transfer” moved to Tumblr, but can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know where it went?

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