Found on the Web #42: Dalkey Press Archive Korean Books


Things found on the web in random hops, skips, and jumps. Because that’s how we roll.

• Oldish. but the Three Percent Blog talks a little bit about the Dalkey Archive Press collection of Korean translations. It is the second segment of the blog and begins at about 11:05.   This is very interesting as it talks about the programs the LTI Korea do to subsidise translation into English – and it’s a good deal. Then it goes on to talk about the Dalkey books in general. They do take a rather hard smack at Dalkey’s books saying that Dalkey didn’t read and proof the books they published. Unfortunately, in the latest set of Dalkey books, that seems to be a bit true. They also mention the …. ‘ahem’…. covers. Anyway.. it is entirely worth checking out.

• Continuing with the Dalkey theme, translator Deborah Smith (Han Kang’s Vegetarian), talks a bit about the last five books published by Dalkey. Her takes are not the same as mine, but worth checking out.

• Finally, over at BookBrunch, Dalkey Archive Press’s John O’Brien “reflects on the background to the Library of Korean Literature series, a collaboration between Dalkey Archive and the Literature Translation Institute of Korea.” A decent read.^^



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  1. At the end of the following edition of the Three Percent podcast, the comments I sent in on that series are briefly discussed too 🙂

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