Found on the Web #41 – LTI Korea Edition: Yi Munyol, FB, Web redesign

Found on the Web

Found on the web

LTI Korea has been doing some awesome things recently, including getting President Kim Seong-kon re-appointed and expanding it’s social media footprint. LOL, I suspect those two things are related. So, in our semi-regular set of hops, skips, and jumps across the Internet in search of tidbits about Korean literature in translation? This week we focus on some awesome things that LTI has given us.

• First is the redesign of the LTI website. Amazing. Of particular interest to Korean literature geeks might be the LTI Korea DB tab, which leads to Bibliography, Korean Writers, Publishers/Agencies, and Korean Books sections which are chock full of interesting information.

• Second is an awesome set of interviews with Yi Munyol (Our Twisted Hero, Twofold Song, The Poet, and much more):

The interviews are brief, and if you watch this first one, the next one will be linked. Worth checking out.

• And where you can find all of this awesome stuff updated as it happens – the LTI Korea FaceBook Page

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