Good guys finish second..LTI Korea Video Contest ‘Visualize ME!” and KTLIT’s second place.

KTLIT LogoAnd so I did in the annual LTI Korea Video Contest ‘Visualize ME!” with my entry on Kim Yu-Jeong’s “The Heat of the Sun” a tragic story of love and illness in colonial Korea. Also, I might note, a story that is available from LTI Korea’s brilliant “classical literature” online collection. I really didn’t see much coverage of this in the ‘regular’ press, which may be a function of my not looking closely enough, or of a failure to do enough PR on the results from the LTI Korea end of things.

Anyway, all the works are good, and the videos so radically different that they are worth watching on that basis alone.

Here is my silver-medal winning effort:


Here is Barry Welsh’s (I’m sure he cheated!) winning entry


And the “other” second place prize which uses a great video technique, but most of which I can’t make out, as it is in Spanish.^^