Good News on Korean Lit Wikipedia Project: Yi Sang Literary Award has a page

Yi-Sang in High School

Yi-Sang in High School

Over drinks (and I should say more than one or two!) the other night, The Translator went over my crappy translations of Korean literature titles and now rhe Wikipedia has a page for the Yi Sang Literary Prize.  This may seem like a small thing, but it’s actually rather epic.


Since the Wikipedia relies on (and demands) internal links from pages within it, one problem the Korean literature pages have been having is that they are “orphans” in that they don’t have may pages linking to them. The Yi Sang Prize page allows every winner to have at least one link from that page – I create a link from their alumni page – I create a link from the “Korean Novelists” page and I have the magical 3 links that seems to be the Wikipedia threshold for avoiding the dreaded “orphan” tag.  Also, this means I will slowly be able to go back and create links from the author pages to the Prize page and this should really make it easier for interested browsers to find Korean authors.

Super Special tip of that hat to Kokkiri who tipped me off to the page on the Korean wikipedia.. Second tip of the hat to kyosunim Lee Sang-bin, who found me the cool copyright free picture of Yi Sang.

Now.. someone needs to find me the
Hwang Sun-won Literary Award
Manhae Award
Dongin Literary Award Isan Literary Award
Hyeondae Literary Award
Won Dong Literature Award

Etc… 😉