Google Korea Doodle Recognizes Yi/Lee Hyo-seok’s (이효석) “Buckwheat Season”

Heh, second one I’m aware of (the first one was Park Wan-so) on Google Korea. Buckwheat Seasons was not one of my favorite Korean translations as it is is too dilatory and completely lacks a conclusion, but many other readers love it and it is considered a classic Korean tale. The doodle is up to recognize Lee’s birthday.

Here is the doodle

Buckwheat Seasons

And something I didn’t know is that if you click on the doodle it leads you to a Google search about the topic:


The Search on Yi

It was a useful Google as well, as it turned up the Lee Hyo-seok Memorial Hall, which I will now have to visit.

Lee Hyo-seok Memorial Hall