Holy Cow! RASKB Has New Website and the Library is Open!

RASKB Webpage

RASKB back in the house!

LOL.. I guess the Royal Asiatic Society (Korean Branch) upgraded so thoroughly that they tossed out their mailing list.

Because I did NOT get the news that they had a brand new and spiffy website as well as the fact that their library is now open again. That’s a win!

The website is very attractive and reasonably informative (and works in Firefox).

Props to RASKB.

A little complaint the pages are in English, but the map to the library is in Korean (no sweat there) but it has NO references to subway stations. It also has no directions, which means a man with old eyes (say, me?) has a bit of trouble sorting its location out.

I mean.. if there is one easy way to find places in Seoul? For now I’ll have to find the Seoul Park Hospital and hope it’s map is better.

Ah.. I’m whining.

As soon as I return from Thailand I will be hieing myself hence to the library.

RASKB is completely back in business!

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