Interesting Collaboration between Korean and Swiss Author

Jeong I-hyeon

Jeong I-hyeon

From gurubootcamp (via Charles) a brief article discussing a collaboration between Alain de Botton and  Jeong I-hyeon (Alas, the website seems to have died).  Botton is a multi-millionaire philosopher and Jeong is an author perhaps best known for her novel “My Sweet Seoul” which has also been turned into a movie and musical.

According to the article some details remain to be worked out:

Relay essay was primarily discussed, with a dual authors any essay chapters desirous by classics like “Madame Bovary” and “Anna Karenina”. But now other options are also being considered, including any essay a romance for mutual review.

And unfortunately it seems that a publication outside Korea is not certain:

The book will initial be published here before a preference is done either to sell it in Europe as well.

Still, it should be interesting to watch how this develops.


6 thoughts on “Interesting Collaboration between Korean and Swiss Author

  1. This [] makes an interesting point or two:

    “The choice of Korea as the market focus is an effort to move into a potentially huge market, especially in children’s literature. The UAE is particularly focused on the exceptionally beautifully illustrated children’s books of Korea. “The UAE is a young country with a young population,” Krauss emphasizes. “And we are bringing together east and west.”

    The Koreans, on the other hand, are eager to buy books (no other country’s publishers are more interested in buying rights). Bestseller lists in Korea are dominated by foreign books translated into Korean. Korea, according to Seung-Hyun Moon, who presented an overview of the Korean book market, is one of the top 10 nations in terms of “publication output.” The total market volume is pegged at $3.1 billion and Korea produces over 40,000 new titles a year. Online retail accounts for almost 40% of total book sales, according to Moon, and e-book market sales jumped 26.5 % from 2006 to 2010. Deals should be negotiated over the next few days of the fair, helped along by Abu Dhabi’s grant program, in its third year, that awards $10,000 when a letter of intent is signed at the fair. Each publisher can apply for up to 10 grants. Last year, according to Krauss, there were close to 200 grants awarded.”

    Are Korean children’s books “exceptionally beautifully illustrated ”

    More generally , what about Korean children’s literature and young adult literature?

    We know of the global phenomenon fro YA literature that Harry Potter was.

    Is Korean children’s or young adult literature exceptional or interesting or …….

    Second point “Bestseller lists in Korea are dominated by foreign books translated into Korean”.

    That means that there are many translators in Korean (albeit translating foreign language to Korean rather than the reverse).

    Who are all these translators? Do you know any? With all this translation going on, there must be something noteworthy there. Are the translations well done?

  2. David,

    He seems like a bit of an upper-class twit to me, but then I’ve never been a fan of philosophers… ^^

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