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Perhaps useful for all your translation needs? (LINK HAS DISAPPEARED)

I. Book:
Sungandang Korean Dictionary、in comparison with other dictionaries、has specific advantage as follows:
· enables to understand and utilize Chinese characters and words written in Chinese characters。
· helps everybody to use Korean language easily according to standard usage of Korean。
· provides numerous examples with a jewel of phrases extracted from Korean literary works。
· is very useful to readers who are looking for current Korean words as it contains a great deal of Korean words used in modern Korean language。
· can be used as a textbook about the usage of Korean language(Usage is explained in each word or provided in the form of idioms to help understanding of it。Moreover、a chain of synonyms、antonyms、hypernyms and hyponyms is provided。Words in various tones are compared and contrasted to clearly show the difference between them)。
· enables to get knowledge of Korean literature as well as Korean language。

II。 Program:
1。 Allows a user to set 5 – 500 words(headwords)per day to study。
2。 Randomly extracts and provides 5 – 500 headwords from all headwords in the entire dictionary。
3。 Provides the bookmark feature。

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