Items from the (Missing) Link Dump


Bits of complete randomness that have to do (vaguely) with Korean Modern Literature.

From a classically incoherent “opinion” from the Joogang Ilbo about sirens that have something to do with sinking of the Cheonan. It includes this KMLit reference:

In his short story “Wings,” which was published in 1936 in the literary journal “Jogwang,” or “Morning Light,” the Korean writer Yi Sang wrote, “Should I go? Where should I go? Then the siren for noon went off.”

And after hopping, skipping and jumping all over the place concludes with: The many different sirens exist for a purpose. We would do well to listen to what they are trying to tell us.

Sure dude… now put down the bong!

On a different level entirely, the classical Korean myth Hong Gildong (and modern story Hong Gildong) has been fashioned into a “popera,” whatever that is (To be fair, the site explains: Popera is a combination of “pop” and “opera” – in its Konglish form it means musicals that feature pop-style music)?


If it keeps on getting transmuted into these kinds of things..

Finally, and puny, but funny to me, I read this exchange about an author I don’t know:

Does anyone know where on earth i can read They are something special? It’s written by Korean author Hwang Miri?
She doesn’t give away her books for free. Check a store where you can buy manga. Source(s):…

On Stephanie Meyer’s site  (ALAS, a site that has gone away) and wonder how the respondent go so curt and angry. ^^