It’s great, but it SUCKS!

Man.. Korea still won’t come to terms with the internet. And for once I’m not talking about out of date Active-X crud….

the brilliant LIST MAGAZINE, which I suspect I’ve talked about here before, is a great way to push Korean literature to the world.

Until you look at the website in which everything is a graphic….

“Why,” you non-ex-webmasters ask, “would this be a problem?”

Because graphics can’t be searched by search engines and there are not ALT tags (the way you make graphic content searchable) on the site.

And a quick look into the code reveals no useful tags….

You have really nice site.. full of content.. that no one will ever find…


Maybe I’m wrong

2 thoughts on “It’s great, but it SUCKS!

  1. The biggest problem is that whole 'thinking about our reader' sort of thing – the thought that if you advertise something in English, we're going to assume / want to believe that the page in question actually IS in English…

    That does suck about their website though… Maybe an e-mail from one of their influential writers would help?

  2. It’s a badly designed site, no doubt.

    But once you go past the main page, there are links and search engine indexed articles.

    Here’s a random example:

    Besides the poor design, my biggest beef is *no RSS*!!!!!

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