JoongAng – “Book podcasts latest page-turner in publishing” (fails to mention us!)

podcastSometimes you just can’t beat the man, and this seems to be one of those cases. The JoongAng Daily has just done a piece about how important book podcasts are becoming in Korea. JoongAng says, “the publishing industry in Korea has been tapping new ways to approach its readers – including podcasts. Each month, more podcasts about books are being posted and downloaded, with some programs drawing millions of downloads.”

Alas, JoongAng, like many Korean publishers, fails to realize that their are readers outside of Korea who might be interested in Korean literature.

Which means that JoongAng has managed to entirely miss the brilliant (LOL) product that KTLIT and SeoulABC have been putting out, both together and separately, for at least…. AT LEAST, a few months!^^

I mean… check this beauty out:

That’s one handsome fellow chatting about Korean Literature.

“But what,” you might ask, if TWO handsome fellows got together to discuss Korean Literature? Then you’d have the KTLIT/SEOULABC vidcast hosted by Barry Welsh and Charles Montgomery. That might look like this:

Wow! The big-nosed handsomeness is doubled! How can it be that these two men have not married each other?

But there’s more… You won’t just see KTLIT rant for 300 seconds about various topics or listen to Barry and Charlie attempt to stay lucid whilst being filmed. You’ll also be able to se tapings of the 10 Magazine Book Club, hosted by Barry Welsh, who interviews authors both Korean and non-Korean as well as various one-off videos of events featuring Korean authors…

So… Korean or non-Korean, if you speak English and are interested in literature, come on along for the Korean Literature vidcast/podcast ride. You can get updates from