Jung Young Moon (A Chain of Dark Tales) goes up on the Wikipedia

KTLIT LogoIn advance of Jung Young Moon’s appearance at the Seoul Literary Society this Tuesday, I’ve gone ahead and posted a Wikipedia page for him. Comment-reading folks might note the influence of Kim Joonmi (recent commenter) on the sidebars..

It looks a little like this:

Jung Young-Moon

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Jung.
Jung Young-Moon
Born December 0, 1965 (age 48)
South Korea
Language Korean
Nationality South Korean
Ethnicity Korean
Period 1965-Present
Jung Young-Moon
Hangul 정영문
Revised Romanization Jung Young-moon

Jung Young-Moon (born 1965) (Hangul: 정영문) is a South Korean writer.



Jung Young Moon was born in 1965 in Korea. He graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in psychology. His literary debut was in 1997 with the novel A Man Who Barely Exists. Jung is also an accomplished translator who has translated more than forty books from English into Korean.[1] In 1999 he won the 12th Dongseo Literary Award with his collection of short stories, A Chain of Dark Tales. [2] In 2003 the Korean National Theater produced his play The Donkeys. In 2005 Jung was invited to participate in the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, and in 2010 the University of California at Berkeley’s Center for Korea Study invited him to participate in a three month long residency program [3]


Jung’s debut, the novel A Man who Barely Exists was published in Jakga Segye (Writer’s World) in 1996, and as a novel two years later. The novel portrays a man mired in ennui, in which state he contemplates the meaning of life.[4] Following this he released collections and novels including Black Chain Stories (1998), Pale Soliloquy (2000), Yawn (2006) and, most recently, A World of Artificiality (2012). Black Chain Stories (A Chain of Dark Tales, in English publication) is a collection of Kafkaesque short stories (some extremely short), which delve into the question of what being means, and what the loss of being means. [5] Jung’s writing is described as avant-garde and often compared to European avant-gardeists, including Samuel Beckett and Franz Kafka. Jung won the 1999 Dongseo Literary Award for Black Chain Stories, which was translated into French in 2007 and English in 2010.

Jung’s story A Way of Remembrance was included in the short story collection Some Afternoon of a Faun.

In his role as translator Jung has translated a wide range of work including John FowlesEbony Tower, Raymond Carver’s What We Talk about When We Talk about Love, and Germaine Greer’s The Boy. [6]


1999년 제12회 동서문학상 (Dongseo Literary Award)
2012년 제17회 한무숙문학상 (Han Moo-sook Literary Award)
2012년 제43회 동인문학상 (Dong-in Literary Award[8])
2012년 제20회 대산문학상 (Daesan Literary Award)


Works in English

A Chain of Dark Tales

Works in Korean (Partial)

A Man who Barely Exists (1996)
Black Chain Stories (1998)
Pale Soliloquy (2000)
Yawn (2006)
A World of Artificiality (2012)