Kim Hyesoon and more, at Asymptote Magazine (April 2013)

Asymptote LogoEarlier this week KTLIT was contacted by Julia who described herself as:

currently an assistant editor for Asymptote a spunky journal bringing together the best in contemporary literature (and not to mention nominated by 3:am for “Best Magazine of the Year”).

Her news was that this month Asymptote includes three pieces of translated poetry from friend of KTLIT, Kim Hyesoon (and translated by even better friend of KTLIT, Choi Don Mee!). The poems are excerpted from Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream, and they are:

Julia also notes that the issue contains an open letter penned by writer Jonas Hassen Khemiri to Swedish Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask following her recent public comments on a controversial immigrant policy known as Project REVA as well as Lo Kwai Cheung’s short story “Me and Him and Chris on Northbound 101.”

Not my particular focus^^, but our readers mileages might be expected to vary.