Kim Young-Ha in the Marketplace – MILLIONAIRE??^^

I was hanging about in some of the tawdry local bookshops I do… and I saw two new (used) books that had been sold by some woman named Catherine Peck (obnoxiously, she wrote her name into the inner covers of books she the sold – really.. what are these inscribers afraid of? Do they think if they are robbed the Book Police will find their books? I’m boggled^^)

One book was Kim Young-ha’s excellent Photo Shop Murder, and the other In This Earth & In That Wind.

So I ran to Amazon and checked them out, discovering that the latter was nearly impossible to find.

So I put it in my purchase bag.

Then, as a gag, I looked up Kim’s story… Baziinggggoooroooma!




Yep.. 300 bucks…

I know have a retirement plan!

Since I got my copy for 4,000 won.^^

3 thoughts on “Kim Young-Ha in the Marketplace – MILLIONAIRE??^^

  1. This seller (from Nicholasville, Kentucky) seems serious, with a very positive feedback from customers.

    Authographed copy? Bug? Or plain Fedex Murder? That’s not the first time I see this kind of anomalies (eg I already saw my miserable book for sale on Amazon for four times the price, and there’s no shortage), but this one definitely takes the cake

  2. Stephane,

    Yeah, I’m not saying anything derogatory about the seller

    It’s because (I’m guessing here) it is the only copy available. This is actually happening with some of the other Jimoondang/LTI Korea books as well.

    The Wounded is up to $15, new copies of Wings are above $50, The Last of Hanako is about $20 used and $100 new, and so forth…

    Anyway.. I have a new retirement plan.^^

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