Kim Young-ha’s Works Available in English

Kim Young-ha (김영하)

Kim Young-ha (김영하)

Here are links to all of Kim Young-ha’s work that has been translated into English (If you know of any others, feel free to drop a line to “the editor” here at KTLIT):


Photo Shop Murder, Whatever Happened To The Guy Stuck in the Elevator, and Moving
h ttp:// .pdf (ALAS Iowa has removed this link)

Honor Killing

Their Last Visitor
Their Last Visitor

Christmas Carol

The Man who Sold his Shadow


Photo Shop Murder

I Have The Right to Destroy Myself

Your Republic is Calling You

Lizard in Modern Korean Fiction An Anthology (Fulton, Kwon Eds)

Head and Promise in the  TRUST: Media City Seoul 2010 exhibition Catalog

2 thoughts on “Kim Young-ha’s Works Available in English

  1. Hello,

    There are a few more of his works published that are not included in your blog:

    (“Their Last Visitor”) (“The Man who Sold his Shadow)

    in print:
    2007. Kim Yǒngha. “Their Last Visitor”, “This Tree of Yours.” Azaleas: Journal of Korean
    Literature and Culture. David McCann, ed. Harvard University Press. pp. 9-36.
    2004. Kim Yǒngha. “The Pager.” The Korea Times, November 1.



  2. Dafna,

    Thanks! I knew of “Their Last Visitor” and just forgot about it. But the other one is brand new to me… I’ve added them

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