Korea Journal Book Reviews

Good news on the lit-front.. Looks like I will be reviewing two books for the Korea Journal

Toy City: Lee Dong-Ha, tr.Chi-Young Kim, (St. Paul)
Who Ate Up All the Shinga?: Park Wan-suh, tr. Yu Young-Nan and Stephen Epstein, (Columbia)

Which will be good for the CV, among other things….

I’ve already discussed Toy City on this blog, but as I look back on how I treated it, I’m not particularly happy with my level of analysis and will take a different tack on it. One thing I note is that I was unhappy with the particular translation I read, and this edition is by a different translator. So that should help.

Who Ate Up All the Shinga, looks fun, though I have a slight conflict of interest in that I know one of the translators. πŸ˜‰

Unrelated, I just got back from ICAS 6 where I was the organizer/discussant and presenter on a panel (Through the Looking Glass – Korea and the Western Gaze) which included Charles La Shure’s excellent take on multiple translations. I was so happy to look at three translations of “Buckwheat Season” but Charles found six!

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  1. Congratulations!
    You're really making a headway into Korean literature translation academia…
    Well, don't forget me when you become rich and famous πŸ™‚


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