Korean author Lee Ki-ho (“At Least We Can Apologize”) speaks at SLS

Charles Montgomery and Lee Ki-ho

I look confused^^

On April 3rd the SLS (hosted by the awesome Swedish Embassy) hosted a talk by noted Korean author Lee Ki-ho (At Least We Can Apologize, and So Far, and Yet So Near are his works currently translated into English).

And it just so happened that KTLIT was there. Lee noted that he had been traveling all over Korea and wasn’t in the greatest shape to talk, but once he got going everything was fine. He discussed a writer’s need for solitude and the importance of teaching and observing to writing as well as his desire that everyone become a writer.

All that in a clip that is less than 5 minutes long, so I think you might get the range and density of the things Lee discusses.

That is in the following video clip

I managed to get an autograph on At Least We Can Apologize (that picture you see there), a book that I really enjoyed, but was utterly unaware that Lee had also published So Far, and Yet So Near (Bi-lingual Edition Modern Korean Literature, Volume 58), which sits in its binding in my bookcase, one of the few of the collection I have not yet read. Siiiiiigh.

The entire interview and Q&A, which lasts over an hour, is available here, with photos that change every so often, but not enough to actually watch^^.

So just have a listen:

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