Korean Execs have Great Marketing Ideas!

Mr. Crackerman sez….

Since Mr. Ox is AWOL I will post silliness….

The Korean Supreme Court sucks sour yogurt:

The Supreme Court has upheld a lower court ruling convicting a dairy executive for an obscene event. The court upheld a lower court fine of 5 million won ($5,000) for the executive.

It also upheld fines of between 500,000 won ($500) and 2 million won ($2,000) on three models for staging a nude performance with the yogurt at a crowded Seoul art gallery in 2003, Yonhap said. The models, caked in wheat flour, used spray devices to squirt each other with yogurt, which washed off the flour to expose their bodies, Yonhap reported.

Killjoy Korean Supreme Court! I have no idea if this says anything at all about Korea worth saying. But I had to say it.

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