Korean Literature in a Situation of Division: Hwang Sun-Won

The Vision Split

A PDF of Division Lit (by Pak Jae-sup (ALAS, the link has disappeared) that is interesting mainly if you know Hwang Sun-Won’s work. The abstract says:

Korean war in 1950’s has great influence on Korean literature. Hwang Soon-Won’s novels portray the flow of history that contains Korean war and division (South and North Korea). Disintegration of personality, psychological frigidity, and pressure from poverty, pain of family separation caused by the war are well depicted in his works. But his literary accomplishment as the novelist, is showing how the traumatic experiences caused by the Korean War can be healed through humanity, with artistic idiosyncrasy.

Hwang Sun-Won is most famous for his story “The Cranes” and at the end of this bit of  criticism Pak Jae-sup briefly addresses this critical work.

If you’re a scholar of Korean Lit, this is worth checking out, it might prove vague to the general reader…