Korean literature told through live media

An article in the Herald that begins with common knowledge about the literature:

Today, its visibility on the international literary market is still marginal at best. As to why this is the case, the answers from local experts have all been varied — sometimes even far-fetched — but one thing most all seem to agree on is that the nuance, prose, and the commonly found ambiance of melodrama and yearning in Korean literature gets lost in translation.

But I’m not sure that the suggestion made here, that taking it mutli-media and “musical” isn’t relatively far-fetched itself?

And there is this:

The group has upcoming performances next month starting March 3-6 at the LIG Art Hall in southern Seoul where they are set to stage the short story “Coarse Sand (Wangmorae in Korean)” by acclaimed novelist and essayist Hwang Sun-won.

I’m not sure that “southern Seoul” is exactly where I would begin my literary invasion of the international world?

And the website is completely in 한국말!

Then again:

Those unable to speak Korean shouldn’t fret because English subtitles will accompany the performance.

LOL.. maybe I’ll check it out

I’ve never been to the LIG Art Hall

Anyone interested in going on Saturday (or Thursday)?

Drop me a line..