Korean Science Fiction, Outsiders, and Culture

Here is an interesting take on differences between Korean and Western science fiction from over at Gord Sellar’s joint.  I don’t really know about science fiction in Korea (after a childhood of inordinate geekhood reading it in English), so Gord’s take is an interesting one to me.

The one thing that really resonates is his argument that Korean science fiction focuses on “group/collaboration” solutions, rather than the individual overcoming things.  This fits in well with my notion that Korean fiction is less about agency and more about environmental/cultural forces – In the case there is individual action it tends to be “tin-pot” reaction.

I need to get back to that agency thread. 😉

To see all of Gord’s brilliant analysis of Korean Science Fiction, go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where he has linked all of his posts on the subject,