KTLIT goes video!

Film SquareFor all you hipsters, hipstettes, anti-hipsters, hippies,  and even those of us old enough to worry about breaking our hips, and dying alone and unloved on our bathroom floors, it is becoming increasingly clear that video is a big part of the future of the Internet.

Thus it is with some trepidation (and truly camera-unworthy faces) that KTLIT (often in  partnership with SeoulABC) announces its foray in to the world of video, at least so far at work on youtube can be considered ‘video’^^. We will cover the usual topics, Korean authors, Korean literature, Korean fiction, Korean poetry… all that scribbly stuff.

Anyway, KTLit now has an official Korean Modern Literature Channel here on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2wEEBkofD3bs4QnNicg_Mg/videos (My, that’s an unattractive URL!)

The Channel itself is a hodgepodge of everything we do, but it also includes a playlist of the “300 Seconds On” short takes on Korean literature as well as the just-born KTLIT/SeoulABC Korean Literature Viidcast. As a bonus for regular watchers (“Hi Mom!!!) we also have the 10 Magazine Book Club Playlist, featuring interviews with only the finest authors, theorists, and other hangers on.

The 300 Second (Short and Sweet) playlist includes:
• 300 Seconds On (Episode One): On Yi Mun-yol 
 300 Seconds (Episode Two): On the Asia Publishers Bi-Lingual Library 
• 300 Seconds On (Episode Three): Kim Young-ha 

The Book Club (Author inerterviews) playlist includes:
Interview of Hwang Sun-Mi author of “The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly”
Kim Young ha interviewed by Krys Lee
• Kim Young-Ha Question & Answer Period (Post Krys Lee interview) 

And of course the first KTLIT/SeoulABC Vidcast is:
• Ko Lit Vidcast Intro – Episode One: Introductions

The un-playlistable are available in loose-leaf form on the channel:

• Krys Lee reading at What The Book In Seoul
 Beautiful Literature 2 

Check is out, and continue checking it out. We plan to vidcast 3 times a month and we’re looking for someone to contribute a 4th video each month. Could be one person, could be different people each month. Hit us up.^^

Here, for the brave, is an example of a video from the 300 Seconds On series.

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