KTLIT Presents on Modern Korean Lit at the 10 Mag Book Club on March 31

KTLIT's Official Mascot: Fighting!

KTLIT’s Official Mascot: Fighting!

Everyone in Seoul is invited to attend (well, until the room limit of 40 people is reached!).

The 10 Magazine Folks explain what it will be in these words:

Please join the 10 Magazine Book Club for our second March meeting on Sunday 31st. We will be joined by very special guest Charles Montgomery.

Charles Montgomery is the writer and editor of the excellent ‘Korean Modern Literature in Translation’ blog (http://www.ktlit.com/) and a regular guest on Arirang Radio’s ‘Catch the Wave’ where he does a section called ‘Open the Book’ at around 7pm Sunday night. He is also an associate professor in the English Literature, Interpretation and Translation Department at Dongguk University in Seoul

Charles has kindly agreed to attend the book club to discuss and introduce Korean Modern Literature. He is going to put together a book of about 5 short stories (available online in PDF) that roughly outline the history of Korean modern literature. Then we can discuss the stories and have a Question and Answer session with Charles.

That last paragraph includes the crux of what I’ll be doing, which is to attempt to provide a quick theoretical framework of modern Korean literature (with a short look back at the pre-modern and pre-hangul influences on that work) and use 5 short stories which are already available (FREE!!!) online, to attempt to sketch out some of the details of it.

A link to the full 10 Magazine Book Club announcement can be found here.

The usual caveats apply – I’m painful to behold, a horrible speaker, and my understanding of Korean literature is always on the wrong side of the translation process.^^

But anyone in town is invited.